• From The Airport
    Aug 15th, 2009 by gurustu

    From the Airport

    The bus from the airport to the hostel.
    The bus from the airport to the hostel.

    If you are coming from the airport, the take the airport bus (its the big blue double decker-number 100). For only £3.50 they will bring you straight to us. Get off the bus at the Hope Street/West End stop.(Make sure you listen to the announcements) You can get more information at http://www.flybybus.com/.

    Get off the bus and turn left and then right to go around Ryans Bar. We are across the road from that.

    If you don’t get off at the right stop, don’t worry, it only means you have to walk a little bit. Just get off at the final stop and turn right off the bus. Turn left at the end,  onto Princes Street and walk until you reach a big four way intersection, where you should see the Santander Bank. Other things on the corner are Ryans Bar, The Rutland Hotel, a church, and a department store called House of Fraser. The 5 Star Waldorf Caledonian Hotel is across the road too. We are located above the Santander bank, and our doorway is to the right of it, just after Mathers Bar.

    By Car
    Aug 12th, 2009 by gurustu

    Oh, no…why are you traveling to Edinburgh by car. You are going to make your life very hard you know.

    If you arrive by car, then the news is all bad. Really, you should consider public transport, it’s better for the world, and a city like Edinburgh prefers it. Cars cannot get near our entrance, I’m sorry to say, too many buses run past. And parking isn’t available anywhere near us for any reasonable prices.

    The best option is to park at one of the city’s ParknRide stations, and catch the bus back into the center of town, where we are. The cost is a bus ticket (£1.20) You can read about them here.

    Otherwise, you will have to pay for parking usually. The streets have free parking after 7pm at night normally, until 7am, but you must never test the parking inspectors. They are a private company that will book you if you are one minute late. If you want to park in a secure undercover car park, it will cost about £20 overnight. Street parking usually costs from £1-£2 per hour.

    More information about parking from The City Of Edinburgh Council here.

    Park overnight at the airport and catch a bus back

    Another more secure option is to use the long term parking at the airport, which costs about £8 a day, plus a bus ticket back to the city from the airport(£6 return). You probably wont need the car while you are in Edinburgh. The best prices for this option are found by booking ahead here, where there are more details and maps.

    Sorry we couldn’t offer better options, it’s one of the only disadvantages of being a hostel located in the city center.

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    All guests must be over 18 years of age.
    We will not let anybody under 18 enter the building.

    All guests are required to provide government issued photographic identification to check in. Check-in will not be allowed without it.
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