• August 17th, 2009 by gurustu

    We received this review from Chris in England…and you thought we wouldn’t put negative stuff here…

    1. I was unhappy at the use of disposable bowls and plates for the breakfast. Having placed recycling bins in the kitchen (GOOD) you then countered this by unnecessarily using disposables. It would be quite easy to encourage people to bring plates and bowls from the kitchen, as I did, and then to wash them up. 2. Everywhere was very hot, especially the kitchen. Could the windows not open further. 3. Hostel generally too noisy.

    Thanks Chris for the comments. It is true that it sucks to be using disposables, but we are so busy at the moment we couldn’t keep up with washing bowls. I wish we could get everyone to be good like you and wash your own, but alas it would just result in lots of complaints, and dirty bowls everywhere. We have come up with a plan to extend the breakfast times, which will reduce the rush and allow us to wash the plates and use less disposables.

    As for the heat, Edinburgh buildings were designed for the cold weather. Unfortunately we cannot open our windows any further, as the council has insisted they remain closed to a certain level so that people cannot climb out, or throw things out the window. Unfortunately these things really do happen if they open fully. We have started opening them a bit more in the bar when it is supervised, but the good news is the hot weather doen’t last long around here.

    Yes, noisy. That is from people having fun and enjoying the hostel. We openly admit we are not a quiet hostel.

    Cheers for the comments..every suggestion helps.

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